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If you would like to submit a profile, contact us. Profiles can contain anything you wish them to (within reason), though if you want to receive any rewards in game your profile must be in character and not ridiculous.

Reader beware! The hosts of Miriani don't verify profiles for historical or technical accuracy. Some things read here may conflict with the official timeline or established game lore. Player profiles are for entertainment purposes only.

Albori Isahost Sninvel
Chris Hippopotamus Flinnigen
Fred Quantultoniel McElk
Merugle Zenzi Flimmens

Mortimer Weber
Ariana Hickerspoff
Will Carter
Daniel Maillo
Alphonse Gangitano
Michael Bison
Kayla Curre
Gauss Jordan
Corwin Muranheim
Mike Wassel
Xero Dublade
Zack Brianson
Rosie Pittaway
Myrna Bulowski
Jake Aeyre
Christine Elestor
Addolis Cartalas
Scarlet Worthington
Jenni Palmer
Caiden Shadowblade
Frank Malano
Alexandra Anderson
Corky Rowlands
Jingo Hoezee
Tim Wolf
Lysander Belousov
Zackery Colson
Calandria Hartzler
Kaylee Summer
Bliss Carmichael
Allon Madeira
Tessa Esposito
Zhia Recelli
Aden Casey
Reuben Corso
Brianna Amori
Dalton Devereaux
Tiberius Black
Malcolm Macleod
Bruce Locke
Marshall Ritchhart
Gabriel Brennar
Lydia Martellato

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