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Frank was born in 2324 to parents Don and Rosalina Malano. The Malanos were a very wealthy and powerful family, living in a luxurious mansion, owning many shops, and even holding power over a whole planet. As a result, Frank grew up in a world of privilege and carefree satisfaction.

By the age of sixteen however, Frank had grown tired of living under his parents' roof and decided to wander out on his own to explore. He bounced from planet to planet trying to find his place in this wild world of moons and planets, and neighboring stars.

One day, he happened upon the planet of Acrylon and began to establish his own spot within the league of mighty warriors of space. Everyone has to start somewhere and Frank started out being the good samaritan and cleaning up the waste that pollutes the atmosphere.

After a while, he got into the asteroid hauling trade before moving on to something his father had taught him years before, planetary mining. Like his father before him, Frank ended up becoming quite the mining craftsman, ending up within the top ten of miners in the whole realm.

It wasn't long before Frank became apprenticing and learning how to fight the evil, plundering Praelor.

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