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Growing up on Keyton, Michael Bison had always dreamed of exploring vast uncharted areas of space, seeking out new planets and new species, helping expand the human race throughout space like his ancestors had done before him. With his head always in the stars, making it through pilot school was more challenging for Michael than for most young cadets, although graduate he did. As a proud member of AIE, he went on to persue his dream of galactic exploration, only to find, that whereas he was proud to serve in the same alliance of his ancestors, the alliance had changed, it had become divided. The alliance no longer stood for exploration and comradery. He all too quickly found out there was no honor among the AIE alliance members, and decided that a change was to be made. Seeing very little opportunity for a future among the Hale, Michael Bison decided that the Commonwealth of Free Spirits would be a different place to stake his place in history. The friendship, support, and never ending devotion he witnessed from the Commonwealth members, set his mind at ease that this was truly the alliance he was meant to join.

Now, with just a hint of bitterness and spitefulness encouraging him on, Michael has once again set his sights toward the stars, his goal the same as when he was just a small child on Keyton. However, now when he looks towards the Heavens above he imagines AIE ships burning as bright as the stars they surround, and his ship sailing through the cosmos, heading towards new destinations that an alliance full of explorers have been unable to reach.

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