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Gauss Jordan was born into a family of wealth and political prestige on the planet of Angelus in sector nine to his father, a high-ranking union leader named William Sebastian Jordan and his mother Chase Melinda, who was attorney from Los Angelus. Gauss. life was one who extreme discontent with his situation. He always wanted to leave the confines who his socialite family and planet. When it came time for Gauss to go to college, in secretly applied to the Commonwealth Piloting Academy to the extreme dismay of his parents. Rather than do what they wanted of him, he left his home without any financial backing to attend the academy. While there Gauss excelled in ship-to-ship combat and frequently out-classed his poor-quality classmates in many aspects of piloting. His grades were above average as well due to his studious and competitive nature and he graduated 12th in his class of 118.

Upon graduating Gauss was deep in debt and became involved in various acts of piracy and smuggling in order to pay his legitimate debts. After four years of being engaged in these acts coming into several close calls, he was able to pay off his debts without much scrutiny and began his life as an independent pilot. Whether these acts of piracy will be repeated or enhanced upon is up to the fates to decide.

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