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Hsotly name: Fredrick Quantultoniel McElkersonsteinston; Fred McElk
Contact: AIM: FredMcElk

Abridged MOO History:
* It all began along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, aka Cyberworld Moo(CWM).
* Then moved on (not really), idled for a few eons on Hogwarts Moo.
* Frequented Star Conquest as the INFAMOUS Miles Prower.
* Poked Galaxy Web: Stellar Epoch in the face as a Rabbit-like Hacker with a Fox-like Avatar.
* Was thrown horrifically onto the sacrificial altar of Super Moo of Death. Master of Trivia there.
* Top Secret Project MOO is where all the cool kids currently are. Are you there? Didn't think so.
* Currently programming some minor things on Miriani (TSPM2) and (supposedly) building the HALE collective.
* Also working as Host and Hoster of the Bretheren of Tech Moo and Center for Social Sciences. (BoTMCSS)

-- For every MOO on this list, save for 3, Fred served as the Certified Traceback Detector on Staff.
-- Fred is also known to forget -x on select verbs. What a wuss.

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