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Tessa Esposito was born in Italy during the year 2335 to a life of ultimate turmoil. Tessa was the result of a drunken rendezvous between two strangers, and she had only her mother Juliana to pull her haphazardly through life. For the first few years of her life Tessa was ignored, and she could not form sentences until she was near the age of four.

Juliana was but eighteen years old at the time of Tessa's birth, and she was a very well-known entertainer. Her dancing and singing skills, along with her sex appeal, left her with little time to spend with Tessa. So while most people were concerned with the discovery of wormholes and other technological advances that were taking place, Tessa and Juliana lived a normal life on earth.

Around age nine, Tessa's deep Italian roots brought her to the Catholic church where she learned to hate the scientists and all of the things for which they stood. She became consumed with the idea of God, and her new-found faith lead her to find a new home with a very old family of the church. She was in love with the idea of divine intervention and a life she considered to be normal.

Four years later she overheard a conversation between her family about her and her mother and how wretched the pair were. They said that they hoped the lord had worked on Tessa in time for her to make her a true child of god but that they didn't think such wicked blood could wash clean so easily. Soon after Tessa was raped by her older brother, and she slipped away at night to be with her mother once more. Juliana showed no redemption. Tessa was forced to work with her mother to bring money home, and she was given all of the household chores. She now hated God and wished the scientists would mistake her for someone important and take her away to another galaxy.

Juliana became pregnant some years later and had a baby girl named Isabella. After Isabella's birth, Juliana went slightly crazy, and Tessa was left to care for Isabella. Tessa adopted her sister and took her to live on Angelus, the capitol of the Commonwealth alliance. Tessa attended piloting school and was in the top of her class. She graduated from piloting school with honors and now takes up permanent residence on Empanda.

Tessa is a very relaxed person who likes to surround herself with fansy things and interesting people. She enjoys decorating and sketching designs for herself and for her friends. Tessa is not driven by wealth but prefers to live comfortably, and she is very attuned to people's motives and the alliances they build. Tessa does not have many close friends and doesn't know if she ever will. Her thoughts and dreams remain inside her own head, and instead, she likes to listen to the thoughts of others while secretly thinking of her own.

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