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Jingo was born Jedidiah Mingo Hoezee on January 6, 2324, son of Maddy Mingo and Jedidiah Hoezee, who were drone and droid technicians working in the Lukco Robotics droid factories on Zander in Bellerophon. He was raised in the small trading settlement on the outskirts of the industrial center. As a young boy, he had difficulty pronouncing his full name which came out sounding like Jedee-ingo. While playground bullies might have laughed at and ridiculed his name, they would only do so once, since eating through a straw for a month after being severely pummeled by Jingo would make a painful and lasting lesson. Regardless, his nickname stuck.

Jingo grew up listening to grumblings and discontent against AIE by the Hale traders that frequented Zander, and how the Hale Alliance was robbed of its discovery of the Relativity Drive, which was essential for Mankind to leave the confines of the solar system. Further allegations of sabotage, deceit and theft during Hale refinements of the relativity drive caused a rift between the AIE and Hale alliances that continues to this day. Of course, none of these allegations can be either proved, or disproved for that matter, since the parties involved are long dead and the records mired in controversy.

However, Jingo personally carries the burden of the wrongdoings perpetrated against Hale by AIE and to a certain extent also by Commonwealth. While Jingo doesn't hold a grudge against any specific pilot today, he harbors considerable animosity and contempt for the Alliances of AIE and CW. Any pilot within these alliances will have to work especially hard to earn Jingo's trust and respect.

He specifically considers AIE to be deceitful and its pilots are wrongfully capitalizing on the stolen technology and intellectual property that rightfully belongs to Hale. Jingo believes that most AIE pilots would rather flee to deep space than to uphold their responsibilities for defending Miriani space. This observation has been borne out repeatedly during the various Praelor incursions into Miriani space, with the noticeable lack of AIE pilots mustering to perform their defense responsibilities, since many AIE pilots are far out in space wasting their time seeking alien sex toys, baubles and trinkets.

He likewise believes that most CW pilots are dreamers and fence-sitters and not at all committed to the development and management of the current Miriani sectors. As such, Jingo is passionate in his belief that the Hale Collective should be granted supreme power by the Alliances and High Guard Command to govern and manage the local space affairs, including overseeing the defense of all the sectors of Miriani Space.

To this end, Jingo is committed to the precept that Hale shall reclaim its birthright, and its rightful place as the leading Alliance for the preservation, management, administration and expansion of the Miriani Colonies.

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