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Growing up, Ariana Hickerspoff had an easy life. She lived in a huge mansion on Outreach and got the best of schooling, along with the largest pony farm in the galaxy. Her family was extremely wealthy ever since her grandfather had created the Hickerspoffian Death Ray that helped ward off the Praelor. When Ariana announced that she was tired of being Hale and wanted to dedicate her life to being peaceful and Commonwealth, she was disowned from her proud Hale family and left without a penny. She married an ugly man, but a few days after he was found cheating on her, he was somehow found in a tragic accident with a meat grinder. With the money from his will, she started going to piloting school. She met her good friend, Will Carter, and together they went through school slacking and doing the least amount of work possible, except in Asteroids class, where Will excelled. After six gruesome years, they finally graduated and became pilots at last. After many years in the commonwealth, she felt the alliance was losing its ideals that it once had. Once a peaceful alliance, she saw it slowly becoming similar to the other alliances. She finally made the hard decision to switch to AIE after seeing that the AIE had the people in it who she felt most comfortable with. Finally feeling welcome, she made her life as an upstanding AIE citizen, and promptly switched back to Commonwealth. After the brief Commonwealth/AIE war of 2353 and the subsequent alliance with the AIE, she realized that Commonwealth and AIE were both insane and gloriously stupid. She left the Commonwealth alliance once again, this time to join the Hale. Now she can usually be found babbling about ponies or sitting around doing pretty much nothing.

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