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Tiberius was born on Mars on May 13, 2329. At this time his father, Terry Black, was head of the Black Syndicate. This criminal organization has influence that reaches far across the galaxy, and even further into the past generations of the Black family. Terry, expecting his only son Tiberius to join the family business, began grooming him for takeover from a very young age. Valerie, his wife, openly opposed this path for her son. She pleaded for Tiberius to attend the pilot academy on Outreach so that he would have something to fall back on if things got rough.

As years passed and Tiberius grew older, he learned more and more about the details and politics of running the syndicate. Desperate to please his aging mother, he began taking his education more seriously as she had suggested. Beginning night courses at the pilot academy, he quickly graduated and joined the Hale alliance. It was soon after that his father slowly began to fall ill. Three years later, Terry passed away into the loving arms of the gods. It was then that Tiberius arose to claim his birthright and rightful place as head of the Black syndicate.

His first order of business was to change a few things to better suit his leadership, but with all other aspects he leads with the same iron fist that his forefathers have. Seeking to curve the public's view of his family's organization, Tiberius has slowly began to change the direction that the organization is headed in, but only if the profits permit it. He constantly proposes business solutions that substitute for funds acquired through some of the organization's criminal acts. This will ensure that the Black Syndicate will be prosperous for generations to come.

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