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Dalton Devereaux was discovered alone in an escape pod as a baby in 2321. The pod had landed the baby on Miriani, it was assumed that it came from one of the colony ships destroyed by the Praelor that year.

Luckily for Dalton, he was adopted by the Devereaux family, a very old and wealthy family of French heritage. Stefan Devereaux and Anne Devereaux, Dalton's adopted parents, were descendants of the original RD-3 crew and had lived on Miriani their entire lives. Stefan was a research scientist studying wormhole technology, but also worked in other fields such as engineering and Anne was nurse at Miriani's medical facility. They were not able to have children of their own, due to Stefan becoming sterile in a work related accident.

The early years were rather difficult for the family. Dalton's new parents never told him of his origin. He contracted a mysterious illness, possibly due to not having the proper immunities for his environment. Until about the age of thirteen he was often very sick with respiratory infections. This isolated him from his peers as he would often miss school or couldn't go outside to play. When he turned ten his father brought him home an old flight simulator from his work to give the boy something to do. By the time he grew out of his illness and was able to interact with the outside world again, he already had his mind set on being a pilot.

In 2338 the jumpgates are built and Dalton, now a 17 year old young man, is accepted to train at the Commonwealth Pilot Academy. Leaving home without ever knowing that he never knew his true parents. What feels like a short five years later, Dalton is a young pilot volunteering to work for the Alliance High Guard, a newly formed joint military branch of the Alliances. Due to his piloting skill, he was allowed to fly several scouting missions deep into Praelor space. By 2350 the war effort had slowed down, and there wasn't a need for so much military. Dalton was one of the many who were released during this time to become civilian pilots.

The war had taken it's toll on Dalton. He had seen so much destruction and chaos that he needed to take it easy for a while. Between cashing out his military pension and getting a substantial loan from his father, Dalton was able to procure everything he needed to go on an expedition to a planet he had scouted during one of his military missions. It was a rocky paradise a couple thousand light-years from local space. In a couple years, he was able to make several trips to the world he called Meridian, setting up a sustainable home there and repaying all of his loans. He met a woman, Carlotta, who sang at a burlesque club he frequented when he got supplies. They married right away and moved to Meridian permanently by 2353.

By 2356, Dalton now 35, was basically retired from being a pilot. He had already lived an exciting life and seen so much. He was very content on his remote world with his wife, and soon they planned to have children. He tended his crops and garden, worked on his solar panels and water purifier. Then one day, out of the clear blue Meridian sky, a Praelor ship showed up with atmospheric vehicles and attacked their home. Dalton had been outside when the first volley came down, setting his home on fire with Carlotta inside. He ran to the home, but it was too late to save her, she was already gone.

In a furious rage he ran to the old fighter he had, launched and managed to destroy the Praelor ship. For several years after that, Dalton could not face anyone, all he could see was the face of his dead wife, all he could hear was the echoes of her whispers. If only he had been more sharp, if only he were paying attention...maybe he could have saved her? The questions turned around in his head for years as he went on an alcohol infused joyride into deep space, eventually drunkenly colliding with an anomaly and losing the only ships he had left. He was severely injured and it took many months to recover from this, along with getting sober again. During these months he thought a great deal about Carlotta, and the Praelor who killed her. The Ontanka would pay.

In 2361, after a hearing with Commonwealth officials, it was decided that due to his long career and military service, Dalton would be given another chance to fly. Unfortunately he would have to start over with a fresh license in the new point system. He had asked to be considered for military service, however this request was denied, since even civilian pilots are now fighting the Praelor as well. Now, at 40 years old, with very little left to his name, a potentially recurrent alcohol problem, Dalton is taking the fresh start extremely seriously. He will work hard to rebuild all that he lost and avenge the death of his wife at the hands of the Praelor Ontanka.

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