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Malcolm Macleod was born in 2301 on Earth on the island once known as Scotland. His family had lived there since the times of herding sheep across the highlands. Malcolm's father worked for the CTN government on things he was never entirely able to divulge to his family. Malcolm's mother was a scientist working on a human behavior program. There was bored little Malcolm, all alone as an only child and just waiting to get into trouble. He would often light fires and do other things to act out and get his parent's attention, unfortunately he usually fetched the wrong kind.

By his teen years, his rebellious streak had reached it's peak, and his father decided to send Malcolm off to a military school. While Malcolm was furious at first, he quickly fit into the military lifestyle at the academy. He scored so highly on exams that he was earmarked as a candidate for special service. By age sixteen, Malcolm was already working on projects for the CTN military. After graduating from the academy, he went directly into the service of CTN Central Intelligence.

After four boring years for Malcolm, mainly pushing paperwork at a desk ten stories underground, the crisis began. The Commonwealth had declared war on the CTN and all operatives had been activated for field duty. This was finally Malcolm's chance to get out of the stuffy office and do some real intelligence work. He is quickly dispatched to the field, but learns that his espionage career is soon to be cut short. He has been tagged as part of an infiltration team, striking important Commonwealth targets with high explosives.

Malcolm's team blow up many Commonwealth military targets and other vital positions. As the war rages on and the AIE and Hale join in, his team is dispatched further and further out to deeper targets in AIE space. Eventually their supply lines fall and help stops coming all together. Malcolm and his crew are stuck deep in enemy space with little supplies or armaments. After blowing their cover and several armed engagements later, hope is lost for returning home. Malcolm is captured along with the rest of his intelligence team, except for Stan who decided to take the cyanide.

With his pristine vision of the CTN shattered, Malcolm spilled his guts. He offered up what little, albeit exaggerated knowledge that a Central Intelligence "Desk Clerk" who was recently drafted into terrorist service could muster. Malcolm was lucky that he decided to cooperate, as unlike the other members of his squad who decided not to cooperate and were sentenced to death, he was offered a job - as a double agent. The Commonwealth had offered up a pardon for Malcolm's misdeeds, but in exchange he had to use his connections to locate and travel to the newly formed CTN base of operations and convince them that he was simply the sole survivor of a horrible accident and its taken him months to find home.

Malcolm decided to take the job and quickly headed to Luna, the last bastion of the CTN, to see if he could pick up the trail of where the government had moved. The depths of the Lunar base had spared them from the immediate necessity to depart along with the rest of the CTN. After working his connections, he learned that the CTN government had not dissolved, and had gone mobile to find a new home for the CTN with Earth being captured. He managed to embellish his way onto a transport headed to rendezvous with a ship carrying members of Central Intelligence who managed to escape.

Upon meeting with some of his former colleagues, Malcolm was quickly accepted into the fold without question. This was a person they hadn't seen in many months, sure, but certainly someone who had been responsible for bombing so many important targets couldn't possibly be questionable. In fact, most of them simply wanted to hear stories of the short lived CTN victories before Earth's capture. Malcolm learned the course of the ships carrying the CTN government officials and the locations of all the remaining CTN ships and bases not yet evacuated. Little did anyone know, Malcolm had already left a trail of breadcrumbs for the Commonwealth to find him.

A few weeks after Malcolm's arrival, the small convoy of CTN ships he and his Central Intelligence colleagues are traveling with is conveniently attacked and captured by the Commonwealth. At this point, CTN agents are making bargains left and right, so when Malcolm gets a short prison sentence and Commonwealth citizenship upon his release - no one really questions it. Behind the scenes however, his sentence is carried out in a "minimum security holding area" that has champagne brunches and tennis at noon - a "rehabilitation" center for the ones who really spilled the beans. While he was in there, he was able to gain even more information for the Commonwealth.

Upon his release, Malcolm was given a sizeable "bonus" from his prison canteen, enabling him to be financially independent. A gift for his short service in for the Commonwealth. He was also lucky in that, unlike many other CTN, he was given citizenship in another Alliance. As he soon found out, it was best to leave his CTN pedigree out of most civilized conversation. A majority of the CTN were left faction-less and at the mercy of the Commonwealth and AIE. Malcolm was able to find enjoyment in being a socialite in the years that followed, networking and using his contacts to aid struggling CTN refugees.

By the time Malcolm reaches his forties, he feels rather empty. He knows he isn't accomplishing much with his meager care packages to former CTN families in need. After the encounter with species WEH-83D, the Praelor, Malcolm signs up for active duty and is given command of small group of ships based on his background. For seven long years he fights the Praelor with his rag-tag group of mostly former CTN and rookie pilots. He is awarded a Medal of Merit and officially thanked for his contribution to defending the human race.

After this, Malcolm retires again to the social life and for many years it keeps him occupied. During the conflict with the Praelor, he ended up spending a lot of his own fortune on supplies, leaving him with a rather modest sum for the rest of his retirement days. Now, about ten years later, a sixty-one year old Malcolm is registered as a civilian pilot, earning a sustainable living doing mainly low-impact activities like salvaging. However, that doesn't mean he won't come out and shoot down the occasional Praelor. He also strongly campaigns for the human race to come together to form a strong, humanity based government on Earth and re-unite all mankind, even the CTN.

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