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Lysander Vladimirovich Belousov was born on Ono in 2330. He is the son of Vladimir Belousov and the late Natalya Belousov. Though there is only one worth mentioning, there have been a couple pilots, engineers, and even a physicist or two dotted within his family history. The only fact noteworthy in his family history is that his father is an electrical engineer and was the lead for the research and development team that designed the jumpgate power systems in 2317. Lysander is very much inspired by his father.s zeal for his work and pursued his own astronautics engineering license from one of the academic programs sponsored by the Hale Collective. However, Lysander not only wanted to push the boundaries of the current day technologies he wanted to apply his research in the field. Therefore, after receiving his engineering license he went on to earn his base pilots license from the Hale Collective flight academy that is on Pegasus.

Lysander rarely speaks up about issues that he doesn.t deem extremely important. He enjoys friendly discussion but has a strong distaste for pretty much any type of arguing. He has a well rounded sense of humor and has always enjoyed a good laugh. However, the only sure way to get him to chatter is to buy him a few drinks early in the conversation. Despite his quiet demeanor, he has no trouble getting along with most personality types when thrown in social situations. A portion of his general silence is due to the fact that he is always thinking and often has trouble diverting his thoughts away from his technical endeavors. He is generally a patient individual, but has very little tolerance for ignorance that is without desire to learn.

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