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Will was born relatively normal. He enjoyed to crawl around and drool over himself, as most babies do. His parents were very proud when he said his first word, 'asteroid', and started taking his first steps. Upon the next few years, Will grew into a handsome young boy. When Will was ten, the teachers pointed out to his parents that Will had the unfortunate habit of biting his classmates. His parents were most displeased with this behaviour and decided to move to Angelus, where Will could get a better understanding of peace and love and what should be important to him. However, what was most important to him proved to be asteroids. When he was but 13, he told his parents he wanted to be an asteroid when he grew up. His parents decided to send him to a therapist, but as his parents weren't very bright, they sent him to a Dr. Aster Oyd which only furthered his infatuation with asteroids. With his therapist, he decided to become a pilot so he could haul asteroids and make use of his obsession! He joined the Commonwealth Pilots Academy of Learning where he met his first friend, Ariana Hickerspoff. He excelled in the Asteroids class and even got an award for his outstanding achievement in that class. After graduating, he quickly became the galaxy's most renowned asteroid hauler and hauled more asteroids than any other pilot. Other than asteroid hauling, he enjoys sitting on landing pads drinking tea.

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