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She lived in a time of war and suffering among her people, a time where no one would get off the planet alive except her. Her past is a confusing one, mixed with hardship and in all likelyhood, betrayal. When she was seventeen, her father went out and joined the Commonwealth alliance, leaving her and her mother to fend for themselves. Alexandra, being already a smart woman and strong supporter of the AIE, planned to take her mother and leave her small planet in search of a better life for them both. When the day came, her mother refused to go and made her leave alone, only carrying a picture of her and her packed belongings in the ship she had bought. She failed to realize her mother was heading to the part of space where no woman should go unless they had plans to make life a living hell. Praelor surrounded Alexandra that night, almost killing her in the process of getting what they wanted from her. She shot almost every one down, but not before they got her ring from her finger, one that contained a dust of long past. She had found it when she was small, not really knowing what it was, but having it sized to fit her finger when she was older and knew more.

This ring proved to be the most deadly thing she could have ever possessed and, having stolen it right off of her finger, the Praelor made there way to her small planet of Ausis and blew it up. They were not helping her mother at all, but just betraying her trust and making it seem like they were. Many years later, Alexandra would think on this and not remember why she had given the ring up, but only remembering it had been stolen. What the Praelor wanted to do with it she never found out, because when she woke up, she was lying in a Medical Facility with healing drones trying to heal her wounds and making her dizzy as she looked at them. So, she is here now, her life known only as what she knew of it before she left her planet. A Princess of her planet, only knowing what she had to do in order to survive. She says she was a Queen, and that may be so, but her memory tells a different story, one that she does not care to tel any time soon.

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