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Caiden was born in the slums of Outreach in 2333 to Beth and Aaron Shadowblade. For the first 5 years of his life he did virtually nothing but play/fistfight with the other children of the slums. However, on his fifth birthday, his father decided to let him in on the trade of his side of the family. He quickly excelled in the areas of starship computer hacking, piloting, and ground and air combat. His father tought him more of gunning than piloting however, and that is still a weakness of his today. By the age of 7 he had stolen his first ship, a cargo hauler driven by a half-drunken pilot who didn't put up much of a fight. By 2342, he had stolen over 6 ships, his best a flitter and his worst a transport pod that had to be dismantled for parts at once before he was caught by oficials. When he was 11, he was brutally torn from his father as in a joint effort to steal a freighter, the pilot shot his father in the face several times, causing him such brain damage that he died on the spot. Caiden stabbed the pilot in the back with a kitchen knife before killing him with his own stun turret. Since then he has shown random bouts of complete mercy toward other living things, and other times he showed almost complete indifference. His mother killed herself about a year later, out of grief. Caiden lived on in the slums for about another year and a half, extending his abilities in the trade his father had left for him. When he was 15 he joined the pilot academy and rose quickly through its courses, graduating at the age of 19. Since then he has done what he likes and how he likes, once even seeming to disappear, dead and gone forever only to reappear again, looking completeley different. To this day he still does what he likes and does best.

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