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Jenni Palmer was born in a pretty large city. Somewhere around the age of fifteen, she started to experience problems choosing a profession, as she had no one to help her. She tried therapy but that didn't help much. After she graduated high school, she went through several doctors and finally was told she needed to find a profession where she could have an unstructured lifestyle. She tried several training programs, first as a psychologist, then medical school, and then wondering about farming. After the dairy farm she worked on went bankrupt, she decided to become a pilot. She didn't have much money to her name and worked on another farm to pay for pilot school. She worked hard and got pretty good grades, especially in the exploration fields scouting out artifacts, and finding new planets. She also hated the Praelor for killing her father when he engaged in a mission. She decided that her life's work was to explore and kill as many Praelor as she could. Now, Jenni makes a living exploring the great unknown and working hard to avenge her father's death by murdering as many Praelor as she possibly can.

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