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What to say about me, Zhia Recelli? Well perhaps I should start at the beginning and let things flow from there. Please sit back and let me spin my story of my life and I know it and so shall you when I am done.

I was born on Outreach, one of four children my parents called my own even though myself and my youngest brother were not actually their's by blood. I was born Anzhia Malloy, my parents were killed when I was close to two years of age. I was adopted by Callum and Agatha Shaughnessy and my name was shortened and became Zhia Shaughnessy before my third birthday. My family will say that I am a bright light in their midst, if you ask me I will tell you I am often more trouble to them all then they will admit. My life growing up is much like any other childs, right down to the fear that the parents you love and love you in return will go out on a mission and not return.

My family is strongly Hale, while me I am Commonwealth to the core. I live for a more peaceful existance, playing music, dancing, atmo salvaging and hauling asteroids or collecting debris. I am not saying I do not go out and fight Praelor the others in the galaxy, I am saying that I simply prefer peace over fighting with others.

Shortly before graduating from Pilots School I met the man of my dreams, strong, loving, protective and more. Love hit and hit hard, we graduated and within weeks were married and months later became a family when Anjellica Marie came to us. Antonio Vincenzo Recelli became my husband even though his family strongly rejected the marriage while my family welcomed him with open arms. Our days of marital happiness were short lived as within a year trouble happened and to protect myself and our daughter he vanished along with his gunship.

Now I struggle on alone, trying to help others as I can with whatever they need. I smile in public, laugh brightly, only to cry when I am alone. Those that know me well, know they can find me in the skies of any planet pushing an Atmo salvager to it's limits or sitting in one of my ships playing my Dulcimer with my daughter playing at my feet.

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