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Name: Zach
Birthday: August 12th
AIM: Miriani Mortimer

Character Profile:
Mortimer Weber was born in the year 2332, the same year that the sector thirty jump gate was established and war declared on the WEH-83D (the Praelor). Raised as part of the technologically elite Hale Collective by his parents Bob and Bobbie Weber, Mortimer was primed from the beginning for starship piloting, restricted in his experience only by the Praelor's frequent attacks on human space and what his parents referred to as the nondisjunction of a chromosome or two. His father a distinguished sanitation engineer and his mother a charming prostitute, the only thing barring Mortimer on his path to greatness was... Mortimer.

At the age of ten, his father losing his job at the hands of the iniquitously corrupt sanitation drones, Mortimer's family packed up and moved to sector thirty, his father having found work sanitizing dirty debris salvaged from space.

During his teen years, Mortimer somehow ended up in an eminent piloting school, ran by the legendary toast addict Ethun Dumbrowski. After flunking out twice and being accepted back in twice (Ethun needed the money to fuel his addiction) Mortimer graduated at the humble age of twenty three.

At the ripe age of twenty-five years, Mortimer finally joined the human campaign against the Praelor. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as any person would put it that knew of Mortimer's piloting skill), the Praelor retreated into their own star systems, only sending out small groups of ships periodically to keep the humans confined.

Over his long years of piloting, Mortimer spent most of his time salvaging precious debris, attempting to repay his father's support with an additional work load. He ended up taking a temporary position in sector twenty-four for High Guard, routinely fighting the Praelor when they presented themselves near human space.

After being destroyed endlessly by mean-spirited human pilots, Mortimer decided to join the Commonwealth of Free Spirits to campaign for peace amongst humans, so that their resources could be allocated to defending themselves from the Praelor. He continues in his endeavors, though unsuccessful, as most hippies will be.

He enjoys candy canes, long engine thrusts through deep space, sector seven, Shakespeare, being a senile elderly gentlemen, and more candy canes.

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