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Zackery Colson was born January 6th 2334 to Sarah and James Colson. They did trading salvaging and running missions for High Guard and trained their son on how to operate ships and to work weapons. He soon became a good pilot in the sim and out. His parents ran a small fleet of ships, and made a good income. Zack was a rebel who hated authority and never listened to his parents. He had his own freightor and used it to become a pirate. His parents began to wonder where the ships turned up from. At the age of 13 he started pilot school, passing combat, ground combat, and missioning with flying colors. He was tired of the roid hauling teacher and tricked him and left him on a roid. He failed that class sadly but still graduated at the top of his class at the age of 18. He then bought a cruiser and started taking out Praelor. He made friends but stayed out of the social circles, not wanting to get caught up in the drama. He is quick with his tongue and always has a thought on events. He is always morbid and is in favor of the gothic life style but never falls in to it, he seems to follow his on style.

If you want to become friends with Zack ask him and earn his respect and trust. He is normally at his apartment on Empanda trying to convince the CW to give out the barrier shields. He is often on the search for new fun and ideas, wanting to never stay in one place for too long. He is always in some kind of mischief.

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