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Kayla grew up on a starship. She knows what it is like to fly more than she does to be on land, but it is not what you might think. Her parents, or at least the only parents she knew, owned a small ship that they used to do small trading runs and other odd jobs. Belonging to no alliance, they were free spirits in the truest sense, doing what they wanted, when they wanted, and very rarely telling Kayla anything about it. Though she suspects many of their "jobs" were of the illegal variety, she can't prove it. But the many times huddled under her cot hoping that big ship wouldn't destroy them makes her wonder...

Her mother was an excellent pilot, her father superb at the guns, but they would teach her nothing. When landed at a planet, she was told in no uncertain terms to stay inside, her only view of the world being through the windows. But she watched. She watched her mother at the controls mostly, vowing that someday she too would fly a ship. She watched the people on the various planets, though she normally had no idea where they actually were. She listened to the communicator, learning of the alliances.

Then the day came that changed her life. The ship landed at Angelus, and as usual Kayla was told to stay put. As usual she did, but watched through the windows. Her parents exitted the ship, but had not gotten far before they were surrounded, captured by men that Kayla did not recognize. As they left, she noticed two of the men looking at the ship, and she knew from that look that they would be back. She thought about flying the ship out, but knew that she would more likely crash it than fly it, even with watching for all these years. Instead, she waited until the men were gone, then silently slipped from the ship. She knew that, if she were going to make it to pilot school, she would be forced to join one of the alliances. Being on Angelus already, and fitting the name, if not the ideals, more than the others, she elected to join the Commonwealth. Having finally graduated as an adequate pilot, at least in day to day activities, she sets off to explore, to learn, and perhaps one day to learn the truth of her past.

Though she doesn't hate politics as her parents did, Kayla is a free spirit at heart. She is rather untrusting, though she is not afraid to be friendly to others and accept friendly gestures in return. However, she rarely speaks unless spoken to or without reason, choosing instead to observe and learn through her own experiences or through watching others. Even though she is a part of an alliance, she holds no community loyalty, but rather judges each one for who they are.

Kayla is rather unemotional. It is rare for her to be excited, angry, or anything else to the extreme. However, if anyone ever does manage to kendle her anger, she is ruthless in her revenge. She does what she must to survive, including learning of combat, though she never seeks violence unless she feels it deserved. Secretly, she hopes someday to find someone she can call friend, but that hope is rarely admitted even to herself. To most, she is simply a private person, but dedicated in her tasks, loyal if anyone ever shows themselves as worthy of that loyalty.

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