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Vital Statistics
Name: Corwin Russell Rowlands III
Age: 29
Date of Birth: June 22, 2325
Place of Birth: Appalachacola, Florida, United North American States, Earth

Corwin "Corky" Russell Rowlands III was born on June 22, 2325 to Corwin "Corky" Rowlands II and Gloria Rowlands of Applalachacola, Florida, United North American States on Earth. His father, Corwin Rowlands II was a celebrated pilot, most famous for his 5-person frigate Appalachacola, which is widely known throughout the Commonwealth as the starship that destroyed a squadron of Praelor ships during the last major invasion of human-occupied space, and which was done without any assistance from other starships in the sector. His mother, Gloria Rowlands is known for her beautiful artwork, which is sold far and wide throughout the known universe. Corky's father died on a combat mission against the Praelor in 2346 when the vanguard he was flying lost power and was destroyed by Praelor ships. His mother currently resides in the family home in Appalachacola, and continues to create works of art for sale in the finest shops in the universe.

After Corky graduated high school, he attended college at The University of the Commonwealth on the planet Angelus. After earning a Bachelr of Science degree in computer science and economics, as well as graduating magna cum laude, and winding up on the dean's list four years in a row he decided to enter the Commonwealth Pilot's Academy to follow in his father's footsteps.

Currently, Corky resides in an apartment on Empanda Station, which he shares with a few close Commonwealth friends. If you meet Corky, you would find that he's an easy-going person, who enjoys meeting new people, making new friends, and having a good time. It doesn't matter what alliance you're a part of... if you show a little respect to Corky, you'll get it back a hundredfold. With Corky, a smile and a kind word go a long way. It's part of that old southern tradition of hospitality.

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