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Daniel was born in Acrylon, in a moderate-income family descending mostly from Spaniards. His childhood was happy - he would get provided anything he wanted, and albeit he did not have many friends nor was he healthy, he could manage with the things he did have. Eventually, he grew very smart.

Upon finishing high school, his family wanted him to be one more among the generations of bureaucrats in the family. However, he wanted more, he wanted to be a pilot. Without any support from his family, he joined piloting school.

There, he excelled in everything related to Trading and Fleet Management, being reasonably good at all other things. However, he had to afford the school by himself, as his family neither supported him, nor found what he was doing worthwhile.

After his graduation, his family was persecuted by the local government, because his father gave shelter to old Confederate refugees. Fleeing from possible oppression, Daniel packed up all of his possessions, sold them and ultimately bought a cargo hauler with the last of his economies, and sailed off, swearing revenge to his parents' public disgrace at the hands of the oppressive government.

Nowadays, Daniel has a decent amount of money, being a discreet millionaire who does investments on people from time to time. He is not the top 1 on the galaxy in anything, but nevertheless he strives to have his name recognized.

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