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Rosie Angelic was always an observer. As a child on Outreach, her favorite game was hide and seek. While attending Silver City Elementary School, Rosie's teachers were constantly praising her for her profound insight. And while at home, it was not uncommon for her to sit quietly in a room for hours watching her mother paint or her father as he programmed new technology for the Interstellar Shipping Corporation. Her only brother, once a pilot of The Hale Collective, was hardly ever home, but despite her keen eye, she never knew where he traveled or what he did. Then, one day, Rosie saw something that changed her life.

She awoke late at night to hear angry voices outside. Upon opening her window, she saw her brother conversing with a woman wearing an official High Guard Security uniform. After the two exchanged some more words and a few more kooks of hostility, the woman shot Rosie's brother with a stun turret. The mag pierced his skull, and he suffered brain damage until his death two years later. Upon showing the magazine to a family friend who happened to be an amunition expert, the friend told Rosie he'd never seen that particular magazine. Rosie enrolled in piloting school and joined The Hale Collective after considering other careers and deciding none promised as much excitement. She hopes to someday solve the mystery of her brother's death.

Today, Rosie Angelic (now known as Rosie Pittaway) wears many faces. Likely, you'll hear her chatting enthusiastically--sometimes quite loudly--over the communicators. She always has something to say, and is constantly encouraging others to find a sense of fun. She is blunt but in a lighthearted manner. But make no mistake. Rosie Pittaway is not someone to underestimate. Rosie looks out for her personal gain before anything else. And although she may be part of an alliance, she will not claim true loyalty to any alliance. It's not that she does not have a sense of loyalty. She knows her friends can look out for themselves and don't need her help. Anyone else who needs help will get it, as long as it fits in with her plans. Anyone who can get past her giddyness or alterior motives will see a girl with fierce determination, a heart never too small to love anyone, and a sweetness few can match, But few can see deep enough to want to learn her secrets.

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