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I was born on Angelus. My parents raised me as well as they could. They weren't rich but they had money. My dad was a shifty guy but always kept me safe. My mom ran a small clothing shop. I believe they sold forbidden items but I can't be sure. Anyways when I was seven, two men came to the apartment and my dad let them in. They took my mom and dad at gun point. I was hiding behind the sofa. I was scared and went to find the keys to the ships my parents had. My dad had let me fly a little bit. So I kinda knew a little. I took the fighter to chase them. I lost them and was heartbroken. My mom turned up on a landing pad killed by a landing starship. I took what money I could find and claimed the ships my family had. I swore to find my dad. I vowed never to let any one push me around. I made mistakes. I trained myself to fly and earned cash. When I had enough money, I purchased a ship and went out of local. I then switched to AIE and then back to CW. I am for peace. I will always fight for peace.

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