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This is a log from an in-game event in which a Praelor met with Alliance pilots on the Pax space station. The "you" referred to in the log is the Praelor. An attempt has been made to remove unnecessary spam, but nothing is perfect. If you prefer a text file, here it is.

You climb out of the ship.
[Pax; Neutral Docking Bay]
This spacious docking bay looks remarkably similar to other docking bays, with the exception of its cleanliness. Aside from the various starships docking and undocking, you occasionally catch a glimpse of a sanitation drone darting between docked ships, quickly and quietly cleaning the area. Two massive archways lead to long, dull corridors.
You see a group of unpowered starships here.
You see the three-person freighter "X File", the ten-person battlecruiser "Praelor Preacher", an unknown Praelor starship, the eight-person gunship "Flames of Time", the ten-person battlecruiser "DevyAastra", the ten-person battlecruiser "Valorous Victory", the ten-person battlecruiser "Venom", the one-person expediter "Kanaloa", the ten-person battlecruiser "Tribulations", and the five-person transverser "SolarFlare" landed here.
You see a group of miscellaneous objects here.
Kyle Lafee is here, sleeping.
Luke Taistey, Michael Anderson, Jeremy Faulkner, Henry Calderon, Tia Heart, Amy Demarco, Rick Demarco, Raj Malhotra, Ather Jammoa, Ryok Shadowblade, Caiden Shadowblade, Jim Durwin, Casandra Heart, Dave Brown (lying on the ground), James Miller, Sunshine Lee, Buck Johanson (staring into space), Sakura Klines, Darrius Steele, Calandria Steele, Jingo Hoezee, Caitlin Wilson, Lukos Klines, Brandon Shadowblade, Kenny Marley, and Dave Martinez are here.
You can go north, east, south, west, and up.
Kenny Marley gives Luke Taistey a massive hug.
Calandria Steele says, "holster then"
From a large speaker on Venom, you hear Matt Valentino say, "why are you putting your guns away? wouldn't it be wise to keep it in your hand with out shooting it?"
Michael Anderson says, "someone should go look?"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "everyone fucking stop!"
Darrius Steele nods to the ten-person battlecruiser "Venom".
Tia Heart says, "holster the weapons"
Luke Taistey says, "matt"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "you people are too fucking loud"
A large bioluminescent insectoid creature gesticulates wildly.
Kenny Marley glances around at his surroundings.
Raj Malhotra says, "hi"
Caiden Shadowblade gestures vaguely to you.
Michael Anderson says, "hello"
Luke Taistey waves at you.
Raj Malhotra waves at you.
Kenny Marley [to Luke Taistey]: you wanna holster your weapon?
Jeremy Faulkner greets you.
Rick Demarco says, "hello."
Caiden Shadowblade gestures vaguely.
Dave Martinez waves at you.
Brandon Shadowblade waves at you.
Mike Layne looks at you thoughtfully for a moment.
Lukos Klines bows deeply to you.
Dave Martinez bows deeply to you.
Casandra Heart nods to you.
Jasmine Layne waves at you.
Lukos Klines says, "where did you get that jasmine?"
Darrius Steele says, "yu guies are probably over wellming it"
Sunshine Lee nods to you.
Darrius Steele says, "so stop"
Luke Taistey sighs deeply.
Caiden Shadowblade says, "everyone shut the fuck up and stop"
Caitlin Wilson nods to you.
Luke Taistey says, "let it talk"
Sebastian Hadford says, "guys, quiet"
Blake Madison says, "give me the gun"
John Joseph says, "yeah?"
Calandria Steele says, "guns down"
Kira Shadowblade deftly inserts a stun turret into a red stun pistol holster.
Henry Calderon says, "guns away"
John Joseph deftly inserts a stun turret into a white stun pistol holster.
Caitlin Wilson deftly inserts a stun turret into a sparkly stun pistol holster.
Mai Tsuno puts a double-barrelled stun pistol in a purple bag.
Mike Layne says, "stop it"
Chris Diamond raises an eyebrow at J.T. Harkness.
Kenny Marley glances suspiciously at J.T. Harkness.
Jingo Hoezee says, "Babies away too. They're more dangerous than weapons."
Casandra Heart sighs at J.T. Harkness.
Kell Durendahl laughs.
J.T. Harkness shrugs.
Herbert Hubbson says, "Perhaps we should meet in the conference room. It would be much more comfortable."
Kira Shadowblade says, "no, i'm keeping my baby"
[Pax; Conference Room]
A large conference room with one large table and many chairs. There appears to be enough room for several hundred people at the table and each place has a microphone as well as a red light which indicates when a particular speaker has been recognized. There are also pitchers of water at regular intervals on the table. At the head of the table is a large podium where the moderator of the meeting may stand, recognize speakers, and address the entire audience at once. Further behind that is a large window which gives a breathtaking view out into the black of space.
You see a group of miscellaneous objects here.
Darrius Steele, Calandria Steele, Jingo Hoezee, Caitlin Wilson, Lukos Klines (sitting on a chair), Brandon Shadowblade (sitting on a chair), J.T. Harkness (sitting on a chair), Luke Taistey (sitting on a chair), Michael Anderson (sitting on a chair), Jeremy Faulkner, Henry Calderon, Tia Heart, Amy Demarco, Rick Demarco (sitting on a chair), Caiden Shadowblade (sitting on a chair), Dave Martinez, Ather Jammoa, Blake Madison, Jim Durwin, Chris Diamond, Casandra Heart, Herbert Hubbson, and Sakura Klines are here.
You can go north.
You remove a small biomechanical device from a subcutaneous pouch.
You set a small biomechanical device down on the ground.
Jingo Hoezee rests his hands on the table, palms up.
Darrius Steele says, "what is that"
Henry Calderon says, "it might be a translater device"
Calandria Steele says, "it looks like a radio"
Mike Layne says, "ah it's a translator"
Rick Demarco says, "it is I think I've seen one before somewhere at some time."
Allon Madeira says, "it's just lying there"
Lukos Klines [to you]: Greetings friend.
Darrius Steele says, "it is so he can talk to us."
Terresa Bloodstone says, "that is quite interesting"
A small biomechanical device wildly spews acid in the direction of a large bioluminescent insectoid creature.
Sebastian Hadford greets you.
Kenny Marley glances around at his surroundings.
Terresa Bloodstone says, "omg"
Casandra Heart says, "maybe it's a translation device"
You say, "Greetings."
J.T. Harkness says, "life support system?"
You say, "I trust you can all understand me?"
Darrius Steele says, "greeting sir."
Lukos Klines [to you]: Do you have a name?
Scott Grayman waves at you.
Edward Rush says, "yes"
Lukos Klines [to you]: I'm called Lukos
Sebastian Hadford says, "we do, sir"
Jeremy Faulkner says, "Greetings, yes, we can under stand you."
Allon Madeira says, "yes sir, we read you loud and clear"
Casandra Heart nods to you.
Kell Durendahl nods to you.
Kira Shadowblade growls menacingly.
Caitlin Wilson nods to you.
You say, "The sir designation is inappropriate for my species, but it will suffice. I thank you for allowing me to dock with your space station."
Michael Anderson says, "you are most welcome, thank you for your assistance."
Edward Rush nods to you.
Lukos Klines [to you]: and thank you for helping us with the Ontanka as you called them.
Caiden Shadowblade [to Roger Lean]: dont make a sound
You say, "I am sorry for the delay in my translation device. I also ask for forgiveness, for I was unable to understand you in space."
J.T. Harkness [to you]: please, with all due respect, not that i'm not appreciative of what you're trying to do, but understand we're all a bit jumpy
Raj Malhotra says, "that is acceptable"
Darrius Steele says, "this si ok ."
Lukos Klines [to you]: you did your best, we understand.
Allon Madeira [to you]: we understand entirely
Casandra Heart [to you]: you are of a different faction then?
You say, "As you no doubt are aware, a large contingent of Ontanka have landed on your planet through the Prrtal in your former command sector."
Scott Grayman says, "bio why do you choose to help us"
Akara Kramer nods.
Akara Kramer says, "We understand this"
Terresa Bloodstone nods.
Lukos Klines [to you]: Yes we are aware.
Michael Anderson says, "yes, and now the planet is inaccessible to us."
You say, "We choose to help because, like your race, we are not of one faction."
Darrius Steele nods.
Kell Durendahl nods to you.
Jimmy Davids nods.
Darrius Steele says, "we understand"
Roger Lean nods to you.
Caitlin Wilson nods.
Kell Durendahl thanks you.
Lukos Klines [to you]: May I ask what your faction is called?
Percy Hawkins says, "we've sussepected as much for some time now"
Akara Kramer says, "Have we?"
Caiden Shadowblade [to Akara Kramer]: hus
Kell Durendahl sighs at Akara Kramer.
Edward Rush says, "just listen"
Jeremy Faulkner says, "Could you tell us of your different factions?"
Caiden Shadowblade [to Akara Kramer]: h
You say, "We are the Krenelia. We understand the differences between our two races and wish to attempt to bridge the cultural divide."
Percy Hawkins says, "they made an appearance a little while ago, remember?"
Akara Kramer says, "We know little or nothing about the praelor."
Edward Rush nods to you.
Caitlin Wilson nods.
Percy Hawkins looks at you thoughtfully for a moment.
Lukos Klines [to you]: Well I can speak for myself atleast, and I thank you for this and I hope to gain a greater understanding of your species and it's culture.
Akara Kramer smiles at you.
Scott Grayman nods.
Edward Rush [to you]: please continue
You say, "Your first encounter was with the Ontanka. They are an aggressive pact, but they do not attack on sight. However, once attacked, they will hold a grudge indefinitely. We find ourselves sharing a common enemy with the Ontanka."
Jimmy Davids nods.
Blake Madison says, "makes sense"
Percy Hawkins ponders for a moment and reflects.
Raj Malhotra says, "yes we remember"
Jeremy Faulkner ponders for a moment and reflects.
Caiden Shadowblade says, "uh"
Dahlia Cyn [to Roger Lean]: 'i'm terrified
Edward Rush says, "oh my goodness"
You say, "A third faction is known as the Frnalk. These are the most cruel and ruthless of us all. Their genetics were compromised many years ago and they attack everybody with no mercy. All Praelor factions war with the Frnalk."
Calandria Steele says, "we have seen them"
Casandra Heart says, "we have seen the frnalk recently"
Darrius Steele says, "yes. they attack us sometimes."
Percy Hawkins says, "yes, they are very different"
Lukos Klines [to you]: I believe we've been in contact with the Frnalk.
J.T. Harkness says, "most aggressive they are"
Akara Kramer [to you]: Do you know what happened with the captain who was trying to first communicate with your race, the one who had docked with the praelor and was sprayed with acid?
Caiden Shadowblade says, "they were trying to talk with him I presume"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "but failed"
Kell Durendahl nods.
Akara Kramer says, "Aye, but how did it go wrong?"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "well obviously he cant understand being sprayed at"
You say, "I was not present for those events, no. However, information suggests a simple misunderstanding. We communicate through the use of acidic compounds. You may have noticed this, as I continuously maintain a link with this device. The Ontanka were merely attempting to communicate when your kind fired on them with their weapons."
Jimmy Davids frowns.
J.T. Harkness says, "curious"
Akara Kramer gets a look of horror on her face
Manny Wilson shakes his hands in panic.
Casandra Heart says, "that was my thought, the captain had tried to give standard greeting and when sprayed, they fired."
Kell Durendahl [to you]: Those compounds are harmful to us.
Blake Madison says, "I thought that, but wasn't positive on it"
Michael Anderson says, "they weren't aware, it's past and he wasn't there."
Callista Kramer begins gasping for air.
Matt Valentino nods.
Callista Kramer says, "Oh god"
You say, "The biology of the matter is complicated. Suffice it to say that our two species are very dissimilar."
Matt Valentino says, "we only know about the incounter by records"
Jeremy Faulkner says, "As I thought, the action was misinterpreted as a hostile action."
Akara Kramer says, "A war, over a lack of understanding of how to communicate!"
Luke Taistey says, "we can't worry about whats happened in the past, directly."
Kell Durendahl nods.
Caiden Shadowblade [to Akara Kramer]: save it for later
Matt Valentino nods.
Mike Layne begins gasping for air.
Lukos Klines [to you]: Well, that's what happens when there isn't enough information about the races.
Ather Jammoa [to Akara Kramer]: What's new?
Ather Jammoa snickers.
Matt Valentino agrees with Luke Taistey.
You say, "We're aware of your inherent weaknesses. We've studied humans in the past."
John Joseph begins gasping for air.
J.T. Harkness says, "studied how?"
Jeremy Faulkner says, "It is human nature to fear what we do not understand."
Blake Madison says, "you've studied us?"
Mike Layne [to you]: are you saying that the human praelor conflict was not wanted?
Casandra Heart says, "the here and now is what matters now, if a praelor faction is willing to understand us and we are able to possibly attain an ally, this creature is at least worth a listen."
[everybody and their mom nods and agrees]
Caiden Shadowblade says, "heisnt a creature"
Sebastian Hadford says, "amen casa"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "he isnt"
Sebastian Hadford grins.
You say, "Initial studes were conducted by removing the chest cavity and examining the internals. Further studies were conducted on the epidermal layers, the cranium, psychological responses to various stimuli..."
Rick Demarco says, "sorry."
Lukos Klines concurs with Casandra Heart's statement.
Sunshine Lee cringes.
Kell Durendahl shudders in disgust.
Caiden Shadowblade [to you]: that sounds rather painful
Ather Jammoa says, "Oooh, disection. How enchantingly nasty."
Akara Kramer [to you]: It was the only way you knew how.
Caiden Shadowblade [to Ather Jammoa]: I quite agree. enchanting
Jingo Hoezee [to you]: I believe Humans may well have performed similar studies on your species. For that I believe we may have been in error.
J.T. Harkness [to you]: my question however, how are we to know which of you are friendly and which are hostile?
Dahlia Cyn faints.
Jimmy Davids nods.
Lukos Klines [to you]: Ah, well now that we are able to communicate, I believe that a rather less gruesome transfer of knowledge is available.
Jimmy Davids frowns.
You say, "Yes, humanity can be as brutal as the Frnalk. You capture and murder our children, our mothers."
Caiden Shadowblade says, "this is true"
J.T. Harkness says, "oh damn"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "very true"
Jingo Hoezee nods to you.
Jimmy Davids nods.
Blake Madison says, "well, uh...."
Raj Malhotra says, "never intentional"
Caiden Shadowblade [to you]: and for this I'm deeply sorry
Alayna Casey nods.
Terresa Bloodstone says, "o god"
Sebastian Hadford nods.
Kell Durendahl sighs deeply.
Darrius Steele says, "yes but. we didn't know better. they know better, right?"
Caiden Shadowblade [to Raj Malhotra]: it is intentiona, raj
Raj Malhotra says, "we were unaware of the differences as you were"
Scott Grayman nods.
Caiden Shadowblade [to Raj Malhotra]: it is intentoinal, raj
Jingo Hoezee [to you]: You do speak truth.
Dahlia Cyn collapses in a heap on the floor.
Percy Hawkins nods.
Jeremy Faulkner says, "And we apologize for that."
Kitty Torraske says, "and they were aggressive towards us"
Bella Rush glares icily at Dahlia Cyn.
Percy Hawkins says, "our advanced missions"
Caiden Shadowblade [to Raj Malhotra]: we intend to capture and murder them, because they were or are our enemies, so
Sunshine Lee [to you]: but it stems from our attempts to try to understand your species...
Kira Shadowblade says, "to us, you were pretty much all the same."
Caiden Shadowblade [to Raj Malhotra]: it defintiely was intentional
Akara Kramer [to you]: Yes, we did. I even helped. I never understood your race and assumed that all you wanted was war. For my part, I do apologize.
Allon Madeira says, "that we have, only because we thought your intentions were nothing but hostile towards us"
Scott Grayman says, "we felt threaten to bio"
Luke Taistey says, "we did it for the sam reasons, i'll say i'm sorry for anything that happened to your children, your mothers on my behalf. but the better question is, how can we move forward."
You say, "To a human, war overrides morality. It is acceptable to murder children and mothers in their own homes. There we differ yet again."
Edward Rush [to you]: please continue
Ather Jammoa [to you]: Well little buddy, technically we only imprisoned your mothers. It was you who killed them by sucking our station down a black hole? That huge thing in 24, you know?
Caiden Shadowblade [to Ather Jammoa]: um
Caiden Shadowblade [to Ather Jammoa]: that wasnt the praelor?
Alayna Casey stares at Ather Jammoa.
Chris Diamond raises an eyebrow at Ather Jammoa.
Kitty Torraske agrees with Ather Jammoa.
Casandra Heart [to Ather Jammoa]: I think that was something else
Kell Durendahl glares icily at Ather Jammoa.
Ather Jammoa shrugs.
Darrius Steele says, "that was nto them that did that"
Sebastian Hadford [to Ather Jammoa]: do you know that they did? no, so s shut the hell up
Alayna Casey says, "that ship was completely unknown"
Luke Taistey says, "can probably tell us if the unknown was praelor"
Darrius Steele says, "not"
Ather Jammoa says, "might've been the fenfreaky ones."
Blake Madison says, "that wasn't them ather."
Sakura Klines [to Sebastian Hadford]: don't say that to him!
Clearing his throat Lukos Klines addresses the room. "Fellow pilots and our friend here, let me state that we need not apologize for our actions in persuit of knowledge, it's okay and it's all in the past. Let us focus on the other aspects of our species and possible our proposed alliance with the Krenelia
Casandra Heart says, "though the praelor's power from the cingularity is one to question, but that's a different story for a different time"
Blake Madison nods to Luke Taistey.
Michael Anderson says, "we don't know who it was, it definitely had som similarities."
You say, "You demonstrate your ignorance well, Jammoa. We do not possess the technology to create black holes through particle collision. Our technology requires a star and the sacrifice of an elderly Resati."
Percy Hawkins says, "but the praelor took advantage of it, sending in a resati to deploy the jumpgate"
Darrius Steele cackles.
Kell Durendahl says, "I, for my part, will take no part in the murder of babies and innocents."
Ather Jammoa says, "eww."
Alayna Casey nods to Darrius Steele.
Luke Taistey [to you]: do you know who created the black hole at hgc?
Caiden Shadowblade says, "we know already"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "wellsor tof"
Lukos Klines nods.
Caiden Shadowblade says, "sort of"
Ather Jammoa snickers.
Mike Layne says, "do we"
Darrius Steele says, "the static did it"
Luke Taistey says, "but who is the static"
Casandra Heart nods.
Alayna Casey nods.
Edward Rush says, "please give the creature some respect and listen"
Blake Madison says, "that's what we don't know"
Kitty Torraske says, "let's see what he may have to say"
Terresa Bloodstone says, "that, we don't knwo"
You say, "We are not willing to disclose all that we know of ourselves or others, for obvious reasons of safety and security. We are not friends yet."
Sunshine Lee [to you]: it is clear that we have misunderstood each ohter from the beginning, but how do we move forward?
Lukos Klines says, "Luke they are beings of energy."
Darrius Steele says, "static eletricty"
Lukos Klines [to you]: Then how about we work on formalizing an alliance between our races?
Jeremy Faulkner says, "Let's hear what he has to say first before we ask questions."
Matt Valentino says, "let me just say, that if we can have an alliance i would like that, but lukos does not represent me"
Akara Kramer [to you]: Nor would we share all we are with you yet. Trust is built over time.
Michael Anderson says, "agreed, what are you offering, and what do you require of us?"
Sebastian Hadford nods.
Blake Madison nods to Matt Valentino.
Terresa Bloodstone nods to Matt Valentino.
Sebastian Hadford gives Matt Valentino an enthusiastic high-five!
Matt Valentino says, "i would like to hear more what you have to say before i jump on the gun"
Sebastian Hadford nods.
Alayna Casey nods.
Jimmy Davids nods.
Christine Elestor agrees.
Jingo Hoezee says, "We need to let the Praelor emissary speak, with out all these interruptions."
Jeremy Faulkner [to you]: Please continue.
Scott Grayman [to you]: how can we understand each other more readly
Ather Jammoa smirks at Sakura Klines.
You say, "However, the matter at hand is the liberation of your world. We are willing to assist you in this endeavor by offering support in your region of space. We do not have a method to bypass the Onati ground defenses, but we are quite adept at deterring our own in space."
Herbert Hubbson ponders for a moment and reflects.
Blake Madison says, "i'm liking that"
Bianca Moreno nods.
Jimmy Davids agrees.
Kell Durendahl thanks you.
Herbert Hubbson says, "I have a thought."
Jingo Hoezee [to you]: How can we work together. Do you have a plan?
Jeremy Faulkner says, "What is it?"
Herbert Hubbson says, "Before our station was destroyed, we were about to begin deploying atmospheric combat vehicles against, no offense intended, of course, Praelor targets."
Luke Taistey says, "what is your thought, herbert"
Kell Durendahl says, "Would you all stop nodding."
Herbert Hubbson says, "We still have the designs, but we don't have the construction capability. We'd need assistance from the alliances in that area, but I think we could do it."
Michael Anderson says, "interesting."
[everybody and their mom wants to fly one!]
You say, "This seems like a solid idea. How many days does your plan require?"
Alex Freemont says, "My apologies for being late."
Herbert Hubbson says, "It would take at least a day to get some vehicles built, probably more. Depending on how many resources the alliances throw into it."
Scott Grayman [to you]: I'm sorry we have so many big mouths in our midsts
Luke Taistey says, "what resources do we need"
Percy Hawkins says, "is there anything we can do to help with the construction?"
Casandra Heart says, "in other words start hauling asteroids and get those minerals?"
You say, "That could present a problem."
Kell Durendahl says, "Go on."
Jeremy Faulkner [to you]: What do you mean?
Lukos Klines [to you]: in what way?
Blake Madison says, "i think I might know. They might need our help with the space attack"
You say, "Our technology, you're no doubt aware, is biological in nature. In a single day, the Ontanka on the planet could grow hundreds of defensive structures."
Kira Shadowblade frowns.
Lukos Klines [to you]: Is there anything we can do to slow their progress?
Casandra Heart says, "I see, oh dear."
Jeremy Faulkner ponders for a moment and reflects.
Blake Madison says, "that...could mean trouble"
Alayna Casey nods solemnly.
John Joseph shivers slightly.
Christine Elestor says, "Indeed."
You say, "Already the people of your world will be recycled into raw materials for the process or forced into menial labor."
Michael Anderson says, "do we have any prototypes out now that nobody's telling us about?"
Ather Jammoa says, "Poor Will."
Ather Jammoa sighs deeply.
Caiden Shadowblade winces instinctively.
Terresa Bloodstone says, "o my"
Sakura Klines says, "yeh stuck on miriani"
Manny Wilson says, "Oh wow.."
Akara Kramer looks as if she is going to be ill
Alayna Casey says, "recycled?"
Percy Hawkins shudders in disgust.
Allon Madeira says, "that sounds, sick"
Mike Layne says, "wqait a minute"
Alayna Casey says, "what do you mean.. the people will be, recycled?"
Lukos Klines [to Alayna Casey]: broken down into biological components
Jingo Hoezee says, "Perhaps a small landing party to rescue key alliance pilots."
Percy Hawkins nods.
Terresa Bloodstone says, "o god"
Mike Layne says, "why can't we arm atom salvagers?"
Brandon Shadowblade winces instinctively.
Kitty Torraske says, "yes pllease explain?"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "so miriani is completley depopulated now except for the ontanka?"
Lukos Klines [to Alayna Casey]: kind of like digested.
Scott Grayman nods.
Percy Hawkins says, "i have a question"
Alayna Casey says, "I mean, who is getting recycled, and how, and why"
Caiden Shadowblade [to Bella Rush]: put that away
Terresa Bloodstone says, "shhh guys"
Blake Madison says, "I don't know if we want to know the how of it"
Alayna Casey says, "I wdo want to know"
Alayna Casey says, "do"
Luke Taistey says, "let herbert and the praelor talk"
Lukos Klines says, "The civilian population is getting both recycled and forced into slave labor."
You say, "Our ships tell us your world has an immense population. It will take many weeks to recycle or enslave them all. Key individuals will likely be detained to save for information extraction when a proper base of operations has been established."
Alayna Casey says, "that doesnt sound good.."
Alayna Casey shivers violently.
Kell Durendahl [to you]: is there anything we can do about this?
Manny Wilson says, "That's .. not good."
Percy Hawkins says, "it's what i would do if i were them though"
Allon Madeira says, "not at all"
Alayna Casey nods solemnly.
Mike Layne glances suspiciously at Percy Hawkins.
Percy Hawkins says, "i'm just saying"
You say, "Your mechanical technology will likewise be saved for future examination and eventual incorporation into biomechanical starships, should any of the technology prove worthwhile."
Jimmy Davids says, "we should prevent that"
Percy Hawkins says, "we can't"
Herbert Hubbson says, "Well! I can tell you I don't care for that!"
Caiden Shadowblade [to Jimmy Davids]: stop stating the obvious
Casandra Heart says, "oh... my, how long would it take to at least make one vehicle per say, I know this is really not much help but theoretically if we had to make one now, and whta kind of resources will be needed."
Casandra Heart says, "what kind"
Terresa Bloodstone says, "dear god"
Jingo Hoezee [to you]: I can't imaging our mechanical based technology would be of any use to your biological technology, but perhaps...
Caiden Shadowblade [to Jingo Hoezee]: it would. they have wormhoe drive
Michael Anderson says, "Herbert, do we have any atmospheric prototypes or can we modify an atmospheric salvager in less time than it would take to manufacture new ones?"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "wormhoe rather"
Luke Taistey says, "if every alliance pilot went to work int he next 10 minutes to gather resources, could we speed the process up"
Jingo Hoezee [to Caiden Shadowblade]: We took that from them.
Dave Martinez says, "and the subwarp drive"
Caiden Shadowblade [to Jingo Hoezee]: yeah, meaning they can use mechanical things
Jimmy Davids laughs.
Luke Taistey says, "with dozens of hands. i would imagine we can work fast"
Casandra Heart nods to Luke Taistey.
Akara Kramer says, "Right, we can't even convince people to crew in an invasion in ten minutes! That's what an anarchy will do for you."
Jeremy Faulkner agrees with Luke Taistey.
Herbert Hubbson says, "No, you misunderstand. It will take at least a day to get the construction facilities ready, the plans worked out, and the manufacture started."
Mike Layne says, "the problem is even if we could we could not get on the planet to launch the atmo salvager"
Alayna Casey agrees with Akara Kramer.
Matt Valentino says, "how much of what resource are we talking about though?"
Luke Taistey says, "ahh, herbert"
Herbert Hubbson says, "It's not a matter of dumping sand into the bin, so to speak."
Jingo Hoezee [to Mike Layne]: We would launch from space.
Kitty Torraske says, "herbert can we as pilots assist to speedup the process?"
Herbert Hubbson says, "It's more a matter of building the bin."
Mike Layne nods to Jingo Hoezee.
Luke Taistey says, "is there anything we can do"
Casandra Heart says, "oh dear I see, and with the rapid multiplication of the biological organisms on the planet itself... dear my."
Herbert Hubbson says, "I have no idea, I'm not a mechanical engineer. I just know the plans exist."
Lauren Malhotra [to a translucent medical drone]: history private
Jingo Hoezee nods to Mike Layne.
Michael Anderson says, "can we use our own construction facilities that already exist?"
Lauren Malhotra says, "Oops. I'm slightly delirios at the mo. Sorry."
Herbert Hubbson says, "Well! I need to go forward the plans to the alliances immediately."
Jingo Hoezee [to you]: Of course, there will be members of the Alliances who believe this is all a Praelor trick. What assurances can we have that your intentions are true?
Kitty Torraske says, "herbert if we can be of assistance please let us know"
Calandria Steele says, "he left"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "jhe left"
Chris Diamond [to Kitty Torraske]: uh, he left
Kira Shadowblade says, "he flickered away"
Chris Diamond snickers at Kitty Torraske.
Manny Wilson nods.
Akara Kramer [to you]: And likely, some fool will shoot at one of you, by accident or intention, but I guarantee it will happen.
Kitty Torraske says, "i believe he could still be listening in"
You say, "We offer our assistance in your region of space as proof of our good intentions."
Percy Hawkins [to you]: is there anything else we should be aware of?
Allon Madeira says, "went to notify the alliances"
Casandra Heart nods to you.
Alayna Casey thanks you.
Jingo Hoezee [to you]: Fair enough. QED.
Luke Taistey [to you]: and i thank you for your asstance
Jeremy Faulkner [to you]: We thank you for your assistance.
You say, "I do not translate QED."
Alex Freemont thanks you.
Mike Layne says, "so until then miriani is inaccessible?"
Michael Anderson says, "agreed, we will appreciate all the help we can get."
Scott Grayman says, "bio I too thank you"
Allon Madeira [to you]: your assistance will no doubt be valuable
Matt Valentino says, "i will admit, the fact that you haven't shot at us impresses me, which is why i am leaning towards your favor"
Jingo Hoezee [to you]: Proven through demonstration, my new friend.
Akara Kramer [to you]: I'm embarrassed to say that we're a very impulsive and undisciplined people, so someone is sure to have an altercation with one of your faction.
Casandra Heart says, "I myself thank you for your assistance and though I don't speak for everyone in this room, I can honestly speak for some of us in saying we hope to both understand each otehr soon."
Raj Malhotra [to you]: do you think you can give us any ifnormation about the CTN association with the Praelor?
Caiden Shadowblade says, "we dont even know if the ctn were associated with the praelor"
Kira Shadowblade says, "just wanted to get it before he left..."
Lukos Klines [to you]: For the record do you have a name?
Kira Shadowblade says, "or it, i dont know its gender"
Casandra Heart says, "they were according to the opp I was on caiden"
Luke Taistey says, "you don't need pictures"
You say, "I hesitate to reveal further information until we are better acquainted. You understand."
Alayna Casey says, "but he's pretty"
Jingo Hoezee [to Lukos Klines]: You wouldn't be able to pronounce it.
Jingo Hoezee [to Lukos Klines]: It's in acid, you know.
Allon Madeira says, "totally"
Raj Malhotra [to you]: ok we shall
Calandria Steele says, "we thank you for your assistance."
Dave Brown [to John Joseph]: If all you can do is shake, how about doing it somewhere else?
Jeremy Faulkner says, "Yes, we understand."
Percy Hawkins says, "makes sense, but is there anything else we should know to better protect ourselves?"
You say, "My name is..."
A large bioluminescent insectoid creature crouches low to the ground and hisses, expelling a large quantity of an acidic compound at Lukos Klines.
The stream of acid impacts a pair of glossy black lightly armored gloves, which succeed in blocking the attack.
Allon Madeira begins gasping for air.
Alayna Casey begins gasping for air.
Kira Shadowblade begins gasping for air.
Raj Malhotra raises his eyebrow.
Terresa Bloodstone says, "uh"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "fear heal lukos"
Dave Brown says, "nice name."
Jingo Hoezee stands erect and salutes you proudly.
You say, "That is my name."
Darrius Steele says, "that is your name?"
Allon Madeira says, "um"
Raj Malhotra [to you]: why did you attack?
Dave Brown says, "i like it"
Rick Demarco says, "um."
Matt Valentino says, "i agree with that gestur"
Calandria Steele says, "easy"
Calandria Steele says, "it wasn't an attack"
Darrius Steele says, "I think your name is kina. umm"
Caiden Shadowblade says, "he didnt attack"
Luke Taistey says, "that isn't attacking"
Jeremy Faulkner says, "That wasn't an attack."
Darrius Steele says, "strange"
Calandria Steele says, "a communication"
Allon Madeira says, "oh"
Dave Martinez says, "he pissed it off"
Raj Malhotra says, "oh"
Allon Madeira laughs merrily as he rolls about on the floor.
Dave Martinez says, "I'd attack too"
Lukos Klines says, "cool"
Kira Shadowblade laughs merrily as she rolls about on the floor.
Caiden Shadowblade says, "he didnt piss it off ,shut up "
Raj Malhotra says, "right"
Manny Wilson says, "Not an attack."
Raj Malhotra coughs.
Mike Layne says, "rememer they speak in acid"
Raj Malhotra glances around at his surroundings.
Jingo Hoezee [to Raj Malhotra]: Lukos asked for its name.
You say, "I did not attack. I was telling my name."
Alayna Casey leans back her head and laughs out loud!
Luke Taistey says, "it didn't translate to english"
Percy Hawkins leans back his head and laughs out loud!
Lukos Klines [to you]: Well mine doesn't require an acidic compound.
Allon Madeira says, "ah"
Alayna Casey gives you a massive hug.
Percy Hawkins leans back his head and laughs out loud!
Casandra Heart [to you]: nice to be acquainted
Lukos Klines [to you]: it is simply Lukos, but thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Dave Brown [to you]: A very unique name you have. I like it.
Kitty Torraske chuckles.
Kira Shadowblade [to you]: you dont have a hand i can shake
Mike Layne sighs deeply.
Caiden Shadowblade [to you]: nice to meet you. I'd uh, shake your hand, but seeing as I'm not sure you have any
Darrius Steele says, "well I don't mena you are taking this to be rood. but I don't want to know your name."
Kira Shadowblade laughs merrily as she rolls about on the floor.
Manny Wilson [to you]: much thanks for your assistance.
Kell Durendahl glares at the world in general.
Allon Madeira says, "he just said it so"
Kell Durendahl sighs deeply.
Casandra Heart says, "he has graspers"
Kira Shadowblade gives you a massive hug.
Lukos Klines [to you]: seeing as how I am not able to pronounce your name, I will simply remember you as thing that burns or Acidy
Kira Shadowblade says, "there"
Raj Malhotra [to you]: how will we be able to communicate in the future?
Alayna Casey gives a small biomechanical device a massive hug.
Alayna Casey gives you a massive hug.
Brandon Shadowblade laughs merrily as he rolls about on the floor.
Allon Madeira nods to Terresa Bloodstone.
Raj Malhotra [to you]: will you contact us or some other methods
Blake Madison says, "yes, how can we communicate with you in the future?"
Kenny Marley says, "we can just refer to him as The lovely creature"
Lukos Klines says, "Guys he isn't a dog or some other domestic animal."
Akara Kramer [to you]: Well I, for one, hope that at least some of the fighting can end. The first captain was trying to speak with you people, He held out hid hand, like this. (She holds out her hand, palm up) This represents peace, no weapon in the hand. I hope and pray at least some of us may have peace together.
Jingo Hoezee [to you]: Do you have a name that translates into Alliance English?
Caiden Shadowblade says, "poor guy, you guys won tleav ehim alone"
Lukos Klines says, "Please give Acidy some respect."
You say, "Oh, you require a designation in words? Hrrbrt Trrals."
Caiden Shadowblade says, "stop touching him and petting hihm and poking an dprodding him. seriously"
Jingo Hoezee [to you]: Thank you Hrrbrt Trrals.
Jeremy Faulkner says, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Hrrbrt Tralls."
Kira Shadowblade [to you]: well, thank you mister acid thing.
Darrius Steele says, "can I just call you hrb?"
Calandria Steele mutters, "kind of... Hurbert." under her breath.
Casandra Heart says, "can we call you hrr for short?"
Darrius Steele says, "cuz that name is hard."
Lukos Klines says, "Thank you Hrrbrt "Acidy" Trrals."
Kenny Marley sighs deeply.
Alayna Casey [to you]: y es, thank y ou
Akara Kramer glares icily at Lukos Klines.
You say, "You're welcome, fleshy bag of fluid."
Alayna Casey sighs at Lukos Klines.
Kenny Marley says, "thank you The lovely Creature"
[everybody and their mom laughs[
Jingo Hoezee [to Darrius Steele]: Would you prefer its given name?
Sakura Klines [to you]: yes! thank you! dear one!
Allon Madeira says, "HRRBR Trals was the name of the unknown praelor starship so i assume that is what it went by"
Akara Kramer [to Lukos Klines]: YOu are not proving the inteligence of our race, you know that?
Lukos Klines [to you]: any time my friend.
Kira Shadowblade says, "his name is Hrrbrt Trrals.""
Blake Madison smiles.
John Joseph bows deeply to you.
Kell Durendahl says, "erm"
Sakura Klines says, "well I will be off now!"
Akara Kramer bows deeply to you.
Darrius Steele says, "sorry. I just think your pritty."
Kenny Marley says, "wow"
Kenny Marley [to you]: you're famous
Estrella Martini [to you]: sorry they think this is a photo poo
Kira Shadowblade [to you]: can i keep you as a pet?
Allon Madeira says, "uh"
Kitty Torraske [to you]: thank you for sharing what you have with us.
Estrella Martini [to you]: opp
Caiden Shadowblade [to Kira Shadowblade]: stop
Will Grant says, "uhm"
Caiden Shadowblade [to Kira Shadowblade]: are you tryin gto insult him?
You say, "I will leave my translation device here for future study by your people. I must go now. We will maintain a presence in your area of space to defend against attack. We wish you luck on your plan to combat them on the planet."
Luke Taistey says, "ignore her fucking stupidity"
Jeremy Faulkner says, "Thank you again for your assistance."
Jingo Hoezee stands erect and salutes you proudly.
Kenny Marley waves at you.
Blake Madison says, "thanks for your help"
Kira Shadowblade says, "just trying to put some humor in it"
Dave Martinez nods to you.
Percy Hawkins [to you]: thank you very much. we will warn those that could not attend to not attack you.
Casandra Heart says, "best of luck to you and may we meet again soon"
Jeremy Faulkner bows deeply to you.
John Joseph says, "thank you lovely creature. we're glad you could share this information with us"
Caiden Shadowblade [to you]: i hope that your faction and our race can work something out
Akara Kramer [to you]: I sincerely apologize for the stupidity and obnoxiousness of some of my race. It is far beyond my understanding, so I can only imagine how it must seem to you.
Lukos Klines [to you]: thank you kindly Hrrbrt.
You [to Kira Shadowblade]: Can I study your brain to determine what makes you of subintellect among humans?
Matt Valentino [to you]: once again, i have to admit, your kindness has taken me
Raj Malhotra [to you]: we shall meet again and until then may all be well with you
Kira Shadowblade waves at you.
Blake Madison says, "burn! kira!"
Sakura Klines [to Henry Calderon]: may I assist you?
Lukos Klines says, "Kira I do believe you just got burned"
Jeremy Faulkner says, "Until we meet again."
Calandria Steele says, "oh my"
Henry Calderon says, "noa"
Manny Wilson [to you]: Thnk you, Hrrbrt Trrals.
Henry Calderon says, "but thanks"
Sakura Klines says, "o dear!"
Matt Valentino [to you]: and strangely i feel no need to be violent to you, if i can help beat our common enemy i will help you
Darrius Steele [to you]: you may studdy mine if you don't hut me.
Darrius Steele [to you]: hurt
Kira Shadowblade says, "i didnt mean to insult him"
Christine Elestor sighs deeply.
Henry Calderon ambles north.
Calandria Steele [to Darrius Steele]: you have no brain to study dear
Darrius Steele [to Kira Shadowblade]: fine. would you like to be my pet/
Kira Shadowblade shakes her head.
You say, "I must now depart. This air is not comfortable to me."
[walk walk walk]
You insert three of your legs into slots along the outer hull of an unknown Praelor starship. Small protrusions form along the outer hull, beginning at the lowest slot and extending to the top of the ship. You rapidly climb the protrusions and disappear through an orifice at the top of the ship.

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