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Welcome to Miriani!

Miriani is a multi-player online roleplaying game in which you take on the role of a starship pilot. Your goal is simply to make a life for yourself through whatever means possible. You may choose to do this by becoming a pirate and stealing from other players, protecting human space from known alien threats, performing mundane activities for credits, or any combination of the above. Your life in Miriani is what you make it.

Similarly, the open-ended nature of the game means that players are free to attack at will. You must be prepared to defend yourself and your alliance should a pirate come calling. It's recommended to make alliances with other players, read the defense handbook, practice in simulators, discuss tactics (there are many different weapons and technologies available to you), and become familiar with the technology that's available to you. It's all part of the life of a starship pilot!

Please remember that the game is incomplete. Modifications are being made all the time, which may mean that there is a bit of instability at times as things get balanced. We hope that you'll stick with it and help us make Miriani great.

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