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Species WEH-83D
(AKA The Praelor)

Colonists sketch of a Praelor
Overview: Species WEH-83D (referred to from here on as the Praelor) was first encountered in 2309 by a colonization vessel. The initial contact was regarded as flawlessly executed on the part of the colonists. They attempted to make contact with the alien vessel using standard peaceful greetings. After several transmissions over the sector's general communication band, the alien starship began docking procedures. The captain of the ship, accompanied by two others, entered the docking ring (which was standard equipment at the time) and awaited the arrival of an alien visitor. At this point, an insectoid being entered the docking ring from the alien starship. It's physical attributes are described below. Upon entering the docking ring, the captain extended his hand in a gesture of friendship. Reports indicate that the alien looked at the hand and began wildly flailing several of its limbs. At this point the human crew began to back away. The Praelor must have been threatened as it immediately began spraying an acidic compound at the captain. At this point stun weapons were drawn and fired at the alien and the captain returned to the ship, where he was placed into medical facilities. Unfortunately, in the heat of the battle, nobody noticed if the stun shots had an effect on the alien.

Physiology: The Praelor are insectoid beings. They stand about four foot three inches and possess a pair of small wings. Biologists who have studied the available testomony of the creatures description have concluded that the wings must be an evolutionary holdover, as they could not possibly support the weight of the Praelor to allow flight. The Praelor head consists of two large, black eyes, pinchers surrounding what appears to be the mouth (where the acid allegedly originated from), and two small antenna-like projections on the top of the head. The body is quite large near the head and gradually begins to get smaller as you travel down until it peaks into what could be a stinger, though this observation cannot be confirmed. The Praelor possess five legs, possibly more.

Technology: From analysis of debris gathered from the initial Praelor encounter and beyond, Praelor technology appears to be primarily biological in nature. Geneticists who have studied the debris have suggested that the Praelor starships may actually be an offshoot of the Praelor species itself. Further analysis has revealed that the Praelor do possess non-biological components, such as what we have dubbed the subwarp drive and possibly some form of wormhole drive. Little is known about the relationship between Praelor and ship, or in fact how the ship works.

Weaponry: The Praelor species seems to have the ability to project corrosive acid through their "mouth". This ability is shared by their starships, though on a much greater scale. The starships are capable of expelling streams of acid as well as large masses of material that are as of yet unknown in composition.

Defense: One rather disconcerting discovery made by the scientists working on the Praelor Project was the remarkable ability for Praelor to heal. The starship samples were able to regenerate themselves in a matter of minutes, causing some concern as to whether or not there was danger in keeping the samples. The "hull" of Praelor starships is also remarkably resilient to human weaponry. It was discovered that the older Praelor get, the better they are able to withstand attack. So far little offensive weaponry has resulted in Praelor research, but it's only a matter of time before a discovery is made that can enable us to find a critical crack in their defenses.

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