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The Praelor are a race of insect-like creatures who possess far too many legs. Their communication is based on odd gestures and acid receptors located throughout their bodies. They are generally thought of as aggressive, though the Praelor consider themselves to be thoughtful, creative individuals. Praelor technology is mostly composed of biological elements. Many scientists believe that the Praelor ships are, in fact, an offshoot of the Praelor themselves, though that has not been confirmed.


What little is known about Praelor factions was gained through peaceful talks with the Krenelia faction.

Frnalk - Vicious and bloodthirsty. These Praelor are at war with humans and all other Praelor factions.

Ontanka - Humanity's first contact was with members of this faction. They are aggressive, but not aggressive enough to attack on sight. Had it not been for the misunderstanding, humanity might be allied with the Ontanka.

Krenelia - This group can be considered a rebel faction. They do not blame humanity for the misunderstanding and wish to open formal relations. High Guard Command is reluctant to accept any offers of technology or friendship.


Humans are often regarded as reckless. They tend to go where they don't belong, push who they shouldn't push, and develop technologies that they shouldn't pursue. They do, however, possess the capacity for compassion and intelligence when situations warrent it.


Alliance of Interstellar Expansionists - Members of this alliance are explorers at heart. They are generally open-minded and curious, though there are exceptions.

The Hale Collective - This group consists of people who insist on being technologically superior. In recent years, however, this is more of a self-imposed title than a fact.

The Commonwealth of Free Spirits - Members of the Commonwealth are generally peaceful people who would rather see a peaceful end to a conflict than a flaming explosion. However, when provoked (as is the case when they are referred to as Hippies), they will not hesitate to use violence to accomplish their goals.

The Confederation of Terran Nations - The first alliance to ever exist, it was eventually dissolved when the other three alliances waged all out war on them. With their territory divided and their alliance broken, members of the former CTN obtained a colony vessel and several support ships and left sector 1, presumably to rebuild the CTN away from the other alliances.

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