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To request a custom tradesman, visit the custom item room on Empanda Station in sector fifteen. From there, simply type REQUEST and fill out the form it presents to you. Before doing that, however, please be aware of the following:

* The tradesman has the right to say no and will do so if you ask for any item that requires points to get, unless if you're modifying an item you already bought.
* Items that allow you to stun others will also not be allowed unless it is again modifying something you already own or is very very limited stun time (someone gets 3 seconds while you get one).
* You are only allowed one item every 30 days. This essentially means one item per donator month. This is necessary because creating custom items for donators takes up a substantial amount of our time that would otherwise be spent fixing bugs and working on new features.
* Items you request will not necessarily be done at the moment you request them, but will get done as promptly as possible.
* Most, if not all, requests will require a small amount of in-game currency.

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