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The Miriani HUD is an external program used to display information about Miriani during gameplay. It displays information such as a who list, a map of the area that updates as you move, a window with tactical data about the ship you're on, what your injuries are and how much roundtime and stun time you have.

Miriani HUD is compatible with ANY client that runs on Windows, including Telnet. It makes an external connection to a Toastsoft information server. A screenshot of the HUD is available here.

The latest version of Miriani HUD is This version was released on March 17, 2007.
You can download the latest version here (ZIP file, 36.6 KB).
IMPORTANT NOTE: To run Miriani HUD, you will need version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework. You only need to install it once, and it will allow you to run any program that utilizes the .NET Framework. If you're not sure you have it, please check Windows Update. If it doesn't appear, you can download the Framework installer here (22.4 MB).

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