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There are 52 players connected, 38 of whom have been active within the past thirty minutes:

Noah Navarro (A) Ray Ridgeway (A) ^Tristina Cantrell (A)
*Tibo Beauchene (A) Ariela Marin (A) Victoria Winters (A)
Gabriel Marin (A) Abigail Swan (A) Bob Jones (A)
Jordan Everhart (A) ^Primus ElCielo (A) Rothque Torraske (A)
Jessica Marin (A) Justin Stroup (A) *Katrianne Beauchene (A)
Beatrice Carmichael (A) Sherrilyn Sefdon (A) Drew Berry (A)
Stanton Sefdon (A) Adolin Shard (A) Rob Barret (C)
Allen Robinson (C) Steve Westbrooke (C) Lacy Seiden (C)
Calyssa Calaway (C) *Derrick Blade (C) Kevin Seiden (C)
*Aaron Blade (C) Melanie Hamilton (C) Ali Gamez (C)
Anthony Petrova (C) Kristina Petrova (C) ^Brianna West (C)
William Henderson (C) Lance Martellato (C) Bob Smith (C)
Andreas Fierro (C) Tom Tucker (C) Lia Daniels (C)
Maya Kasey (C) *Salazar Clayton (H) Matteo Hayes (H)
Keao Malama (H) Ivan Cardenas (H) ^Ashley Steele (H)
Raina Caston (H) Meredeth Lancaster (H) Lena Mylan (H)
^Rogan Steele (H) Kendle Gideon (H) Will Carter (H)
Sae Pax (U)
* - Out of communications range.^ - Out of local space.

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