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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Fixed a logic error with design duplication that resulted in the real lift counterpart being used inside of a simulated copy.
  • Fixed a bug where your first ten rooms would not be counted as free in an architectural design simulator when evaluating worth.


  • You can no longer exit scooper control rooms if the ship is cycled to an aquatic environment and you lack diving gear.


  • You can no longer alter your character's age or birthday when getting a sex reassignment surgery.


  • Apartment complexes that are out of local space will no longer make their occupants appear as if they are in local space.


  • Fixed a bug with removing spacesuit thrusters that failed to unset the appropriate property on the player, thus rendering them permanently thrustered.


  • Made destination finders less horrible (maybe). You can now simply 'FIND <destination>'. Destination can be the name of a planet, moon, space station, sector name, or sector number.
  • You can now import navigational data from your NIRP into your destination finder for use with the FIND command. Simply type IMPORT <destination finder> in the ship of your choice. You can manage your saved data with the OPTIONS <destination finder> command.


  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to propose a treaty for a military alliance, even if there were no active hostilities between the three alliances.
  • Alliances that are on hostile terms with any other alliances (either full war or declaration of hostility) will now have their capital planet's long-range laser disabled. This means that capital sectors can be interdicted, blockaded, or otherwise disrupted if any sort of hostility is in effect.


  • Viewing information about a forcefield spacesuit in an auction now shows its messages.


  • Autopilot will now fail if your sensors are destroyed in the midst of moving to a destination.


  • Using asteroid hauling kits has been reverted to its old functionality and no longer provides the option of stealing every single piece of nearby equipment in one fell swoop.

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