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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Fixed an oversight that would move the pilot of a destroyed salvager to the mothership's storage room, even if the mothership had since left the sector.


  • Updated the 'Frequently Rejected Suggestions and Ideas' help file with an entry for external camera upgrades.


  • Restoring a character now gives that character a keyring, communicator, and message board reader if they don't already have one.
  • Ships that are restored along with a character now have the key placed on their keyring.
  • Accounts that have been locked out are no longer eligible to activate vacation mode until the lockout duration expires.


  • Fixed a bug where loading ten packs of pulse emitter clips would not stack correctly in ammunition storage containers, creating a very spammy list.
  • The private property PA has been rewritten as a room module. As such, it should now work in all room types. Please REPORT any odd behavior or room types I forgot to add the module to!
  • The house cleaning service no longer stuffs ships in packing crates.


  • Added face shape modification to Surgyria.


  • Character descriptions will now show an approximate age range instead of their precise age.
  • Added a face shape option to character generation. If you've already set your character's appearance, use the NEWAPPEARANCE command to set this.
  • The Toastsoft Twitter auto-poster(tm) now supports 280 characters. Better late than never!


  • A new maid service has been added to the private property transferral office. See message board post 88846 for details.


  • The exit airlock on Tusckilium now actually checks to see if you and everyone in your group is wearing a spacesuit.
  • Asteroid haulers can now haul in not one, not two, but THREE dimensions simultaneously.


  • Fixed an issue where buying from raw materials marketplaces could produce a traceback after a tremendously successful sale.
  • Fixed an issue where objects would lose their room pose when you tried to SORT them.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the BROADCAST command to fail spectacularly.
  • Room poses applied to objects hanging on the wall now display properly in the room description.


  • Added a MATCH-OPTION to disable multislice content matching.
  • You now get the full profits from a raw materials marketplace instead of them applying to your tithes and autodeposits.
  • The LIST command in raw materials marketplaces now works again.
  • Added proper sales history to raw materials marketplaces.
  • The BUY command in raw materials marketplaces now accepts a search term instead of all numeric input.

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